Here at Neon Dream Candle Co we want you to be happy with the FULL experience you have with us from beginning to end and into the future beyond.  If you're happy, we're happy!  If you have any questions that you can't find below, please get in touch through the contact page and we'll be glad to help.


THE ITEM I WOULD LIKE IS OUT OF STOCK, WHEN WILL IT BE BACK IN STOCK?  From time to time things may be out of stock, however, they're usually back within a few days and ready to ship.  Because we use natural waxes in our products, they need time for the fragrance to 'cure'.  The longer they cure, the better the fragrance. (around two weeks).

DO YOU OFFER FREEBIES OR DISCOUNTS?  Yes!  We do like to keep you on your toes though!   We'll offer flash discounts, usually advertised on Instagram and Facebook.  If you tag your purchase on social media using @neondreamcandleco and #newobsession we'll make sure you get something special in your next order.  Every month we'll do a sample giveaway of a 'spotlight' fragrance so you can try (and love) something new!


HOW SOON AFTER ORDERING WILL MY ORDER BE SHIPPED?  Orders are packed and posted the next working day.  We do not send items on weekends or on public holidays.  With this in mind, if you have a deadline for your purchase, like a birthday or event, please ensure you order at least 5 days before your special date to ensure it arrives on time.


WHAT ARE YOUR SHIPPING COSTS?  We charge a flat rate of £4.50 for any orders up to and under 3kg in weight.  We only send via Royal Mail signed for so that you can follow your order's journey from start to finish.



WHAT IS YOUR RETURN/REFUND POLICY? Neon Dream Candle Co is happy to refund any product which arrives broken, defective or that is unusable due to faults in production.  Please let us know within 14 days of receiving your goods if there is a problem (conditions apply below).  You will then have another 14 days to return the goods.  We will process and pay your refund within 14 days of receiving the goods back.

- If you are unhappy with the quality or performance of your product, please contact us as soon as you discover the problem.  We will be happy to look into it for you but we would require you to return the product to us so that we can conduct proper tests on the item to make sure it is an isolated incident.  We also want to make sure there are no problems going forward with future purchases and any replacement products we send out to you. 

- All our products go through rigorous testing phases before they make the cut to make sure you receive a candle/melt/spray/diffuser you will love! (if it's below standard, it's back to the drawing board and our standards are pretty high!) 

- Refunds will not be offered on the basis of disliking a fragrance, accidental damage or damage due to the misuse of the product.  Full Terms and Conditions can be found HERE



CANDLE CARE - When you first light your candle, please make sure you burn it for four hours, any subsequent burns shouldn't go over 4 hours.  We recommend you do this the first couple of times you burn it.  This will ensure the melt pool reaches the edges (or very near), that the candle will burn evenly all the way down and you won't waste any of your beautiful fragrance.  Please make sure you place a burning candle on a heat proof surface.  The candle vessel may get hot so we would also advise not touching it while burning and until after it has reset.  After every burn, let the candle set before moving it to avoid spillage of hot wax.  Please trim your wick to around half a centimetre before each burn.  This will avoid the wick becoming clogged and any smoking or sooting.  At the bottom of the candle it is normal for there to be a few mm of wax left.  This is a safety feature to avoid the candle base from overheating or catching alight.

WAX MELT USE - Neon Dream wax melts use all natural waxes and vegan & cruelty free fragrances to ensure you hour after hour of guilt free fine fragrance.  Each square or heart will provide around 12-16 hours of fragrance time.

For melts, we recommend using a wax melt burner, not oil burners, to avoid overheating the burner and wax.  To get the most time out of your wax melts we think electric wax warmers are the best!  To remove wax that has set, melt the wax for around one minute from below then just pop it out in a disc.  They can be wrapped in tissue paper and put in drawers etc to keep them smelling fresh before being disposed of.

ROOM SPRAY USE -  Our room and linen mists are formulated with long lasting fragrances to ensure you can still smell them hours after spraying.  A few sprays at a time is plenty, however, many customers like to spray on bedding, clothing, soft furnishings etc to enhance the fragrance. They are safe for use on all fabrics except leather and vinyl products. They will not leave a greasy residue on hard flooring or fabrics due to their ability to evaporate yet cling to fabrics - just like your favourite perfumes.  Bottles are made from recycled plastic and can be recycled once rinsed. As with any vapour, avoid inhaling it directly and any contact with your mouth or eyes.

ROOM DIFFUSER USE - Open fragrance bottle carefully, avoid spillage on bottle.  Insert the reeds.  After 30 minutes turn the reeds (wearing gloves) to soak both ends. The reeds will absorb the fragrance oil and diffuse the scent into the room space.  This may take around 24 hours for it to start diffusing properly.  Keep your diffuser away from any heat source such as a radiator as heat evaporates liquid faster.  Your diffuser comes with 8 reeds, however, start with 6 reeds and build the fragrance level to your liking.  As the reeds are fibre rather than rattan, they won't need turned as often.  Refills are available to save wasting your bottle.  Caution : The fragrance oil may stain or damage painted surfaces/furniture. Handle with care to prevent spills. Keep away from open flames and do not light your reeds. Do not ingest.  Avoid contact with skin or eyes.  Keep out of reach of children or pets.



At Neon Dream Candle Co your privacy while using the site is very important to us.  Please see our full GDPR/Privacy Policy HERE for more information