HI! I'm Steph, the face behind Neon Dream.  If you're wondering how I began my candle making journey, well in all honesty, so am I!  I've always been OBSESSED with fragrance in all it's forms......perfume, body products, candles, melts, sprays and diffusers. You name it, if it smelled good, I had to have it!   
In particular, I LOVED home fragrance.  There's nothing more satisfying than stepping into a house that smells AMAZING.  I had tried all sorts of brands - small brands, handmade brands, gigantic household brands.  But, I always felt as if I wanted more.  More fragrance load, more performance, more value for money.
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I didn't want to compromise on quality or the luxury 'feeling' a product gave me.  I wanted products that lasted double the time of my competitors to ensure real value for money without skimping on quality.


Fragrance has always been about a 'feeling' for me.  Something that can quickly bring back memories and take you back to a place in time you had maybe forgotten.  Something nostalgic or current, ever changing.


So, in 2018, on a whim and with drawers filled with other people's products I'd bought, I decided to embark on a little wax melt making journey of my own.  A lot of trial and error with plenty of late nights and we can fast forward to today. 


I now have a large catalogue of home fragrance products (all handmade and produced by me) for you to indulge in alongside me!  And I absolutely LOVE sharing it all with you!

My fragrances help to evoke a feeling of comfort and happiness, to relax or invigorate you.  They help you create an ambience in your home, a feeling, an emotion, a talking point with friends.


My fragrance oils are the highest quality on the market so you get the best performance and scent throw.  Even better, I only use vegan certified oils, meaning they are cruelty free.  Stylish too - these products will easily fit into and enhance your interior space!

I'm so excited to share them with you and to take you on the journey with me.  I love hearing your feedback and ideas so would love to hear from you.  

Feel free to email me at :